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How can you benefit from repurposing a property?

The increasing requirements for additional homes around the Horsham District has been well documented over the past few years. By 2031, there is a minimum of 16,000 new homes planned for Horsham, with many new build estates emerging. There are also many sites in Horsham which have also been repurposed to meet the need for new living accommodation.

At Brock Taylor, we’re able to advise on the best way to repurpose and renovate properties to:

  • Add value to a disused or misused property
  • Increase the sale value and potential profits
  • Create a sought after home in the local area
  • Turn a burden into an asset

If you’re a property owner or developer, get in touch to discuss your project with our expert team. Below we look at several benefits of repurposing properties:

A new purpose

‘Adaptive repurposing’ is the process of using a building in a way that differs from its original purpose – such as a barn being converted and used as a home. Unlike new builds, which require additional land to occupy property, adaptive repurposing allows properties that are no longer fit for purpose to stand the test of time by changing use.

Identifying buildings which have outgrown their original function and repurposing them into domestic dwellings can reduce the need to build on green land. As they can be very affordable to buy before repurposing, it makes both environmental and financial sense.

Environmental impact

Adaptively reusing an existing building rather than demolishing it or building a new one in its place significantly reduces energy consumption. Although repurposing a building, such as Holmes Park, involves further construction such as walls, staircases, plumbing and electrics, the amount of energy required for the additional work is considerably less than the requirements of a new building.

Repurposing old, disused buildings also lessens the need for the population to move to rural areas away from the town centre, reducing both the need to commute and the environmental impact of building on green sites. This can see a reduction in local fuel consumption as people rely less on cars to visit the town for shopping and access to other amenities.

Skilled craftsmanship

Many older properties were developed at a time when skilled labour was cheap, and therefore, the buildings boast a higher attention to detail that is not afforded today.

Architectural elements such as vaulted ceilings, carved wood and sculpted stone would be significantly expensive to source now, and are often retained when repurposing an existing building to become big selling points.

Case study: Holmes Park

At Brock Taylor, we’re actively working with developers and the local council to regenerate areas in Horsham and re-purpose disused buildings, such as the former Horsham District Council Headquarters which was vacated three years ago.

The building is now being developed into 102 apartments ideal for first time buyers, commuters and investors. Now named Holmes Park, the first phase of the build was released at the beginning of March 2018  with a second successful release in June 2018, at which point over 50% of the properties were reserved.

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Posted on: 10 May 2018


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