Children in Property

29 August 2016 Horsham

Only 28.7% of Horsham Rented Property have Children living in them.

A few weeks ago I was asked a fascinating question by a local Councillor who, after reading the Horsham Property Blog, emailed me and asked me – “Are Horsham Landlords meeting the Challenges of tenanted families bringing up their families in Horsham?” What interesting question to be asked. Irrespective of whether you are tenant or…

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House price increase in Horsham

27 August 2016 Property News

942% – Rise in Horsham Property Prices since 1981

Roll the clock back 35 years to 1981, and Mrs. T was in power, we had a Royal Wedding, Britain won the Ashes and Bucks Fizz won Eurovision with ‘Making your Mind up’. Haven’t things changed. The number of homeowners and property investors who said they wish they had hindsight and bought up every house…

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Terraced Houses in Horsham

26 August 2016 Horsham

The Horsham Love Affair with its 4,000 Terraced Houses

Call me old fashioned, but I do like the terraced house.   In fact, I have done some research that I hope you will find of interest my Horsham property market blog reading friends! In architecture terms, a terraced or townhouse is a style of housing in use since the late 1600’s in the UK, where…

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One Bed Property

30 July 2016 Horsham

28.1% Of Horsham Homes Are One Person Households

I was having an interesting chat with a Horsham buy to let landlord the other day when the subject of size of households came up in conversation. For those of you who read my Brexit article published on the morning after the referendum, one of the reasons on why I thought the Horsham property market…

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