Search for a property in Horsham and the surrounding villages

We can help you to buy land in Horsham

Whether you are seeking land to build a new property on, or are looking to find suitable land with an existing property to redevelop, it is important to know what you are looking for so as to guarantee a sound investment.


Take a look at our comprehensive guide to buying or selling land

For all land purchases, we encourage buyers to think carefully about four main factors:

  • Purpose – What purpose do you want to buy land for?
  • Land use – What type of land would be suitable for your plans?
  • Budget – Is your budget large enough to cover building, legal and survey costs, plus a contingency for the unforeseen, as well as the cost of the land itself?
  • Re-sale – Will your project be profitable in the long run?

Setting your budget

Location, size, proximity to transport links, existing planning permission…
These are just a few of the factors that will influence the cost of a plot of land. Are you confident that you would be able to get planning permission for your project? Land sold with existing planning permission is always going to be more expensive than land sold without, but the emotional security that you can build as you intend to may well outweigh the financial impact.