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Conveyancing Explained

How does the conveyancing process work?

Purchasing a property requires the help of a solicitor experienced in the conveyancing process. Our handy guide to conveyancing explains the steps your solicitor will take you through so that you are aware of what is happening at every stage of the buying process.

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How can a solicitor help me buy my home?

If you have any other questions about conveyancing please contact us and we will be more than happy to offer further advice.

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1. Explain the process

Buying a property can seem a little daunting – particularly if you are a first-time buyer or if you haven’t gone through the process for a number of years. Your solicitor will begin by explaining exactly what you need to do in order for you to purchase your property.

2. Carry out searches

There are certain things that may not be clear from simply viewing a property. Your solicitor will be able to conduct legal searches to shed light on anything that might pose a concern. Searches vary and may not all be relevant or necessary but may include things such as flood risks or access to public water or drainage systems from your land. Having all of these facts will put you and your mortgage lender in a better position to purchase the property.

3. Enter into a contract

Until a contract is signed, there is nothing legally binding to confirm that you will be the eventual owner of the property in question. Your solicitor will draw up this contract to include all the finer details or the sale and will specify a date mutually agreed by the buyer and seller, for completion of the property.

4. Complete the purchase

Completion of the property comes when all funds have been transferred to and from the relevant buyer and seller, through their solicitors. The new owners will then receive their keys and the solicitor will arrange for their names to be listed on the deeds to the property.

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