Brock Taylor are pleased to be able to offer two types of valuation for property, an instant online valuation or an on-site evaluation with one of our property experts.

Online valuation

Our free online valuation tool is an extremely quick and simple way to find out the estimated value of your property. Based on data from the Land Registry, our tool is able to analyse data from nearby properties and calculate an estimate based on this data.

All you simply need to do is fill out your details in our online form and we can instantly provide you with an estimate, to help you make a decision about selling your home.

Our online valuation is only an estimate and if you would like a more accurate figure, then we would recommend a visit from one of our agents.

On-site valuation

If you are looking for a more accurate idea of how much your property is worth, then you can arrange for one of our property experts to visit your home and value it, without charge.

Our agent will assess your home, the condition of the property and what home improvements you have made to help them put together an accurate valuation. Our team has a wealth of expert local knowledge about the area you live in and surrounding properties.

They will use all of this information to help them provide you with an accurate price to sell your home at.