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How to sell a house in Horsham or the surrounding areas

Whatever the circumstances surrounding the sale of your property, there is a certain process that must be undertaken to secure the best sale price in the shortest amount of time.

Our guide to selling a property is designed to help you if this process is unfamiliar. Take a look at the steps below, or contact us and we will be more than happy to offer further advice.

1. Get an accurate valuation

The best valuation isn’t necessarily the highest one, but it should be the one that most accurately reflects the true potential of your property given the current market conditions. All of our valuers are locally-based and professionally qualified, so can accurately estimate the true value of the property you are looking to sell. Our comprehensive valuation packs are packed full of detailed information and market comparisons gathered from the most recent data published on sites such as Rightmove.

2. Select your estate agent

The best estate agent is not only the one who sells your property in the quickest time and for the best price (that’s us by the way) but the one who will make the whole process as simple and straightforward as possible. Factors to consider when selecting an agent should include opening hours, high-street presence, the way in which they will market your property and any reviews from previous clients.

3. Instruct a solicitor

The right solicitor can speed up the selling process and can provide vital information that will reduce any potential stress involved in moving. We have a network of professional service providers including professional, experienced property solicitors.

Presenting Your Property

4. Presenting your property

A potential buyer needs to be able to imagine your home as their own. We offer advice and direction as to how to best present your property for its initial photographs and for the resulting viewings. Our many years of experience puts us in a unique position to suggest the small tweaks that can result in a quicker sale at a higher price.

5. Marketing your property

This is the fun bit! We are renowned for creative marketing campaigns that get us noticed and have contributed to us winning many awards. We also believe that marketing should be proactive, which is why we actively communicate with potential buyers and guarantee exposure online and in print, to get your property in front of as many people as possible.

6. Arranging viewings

Whether your property is marketed by Open House or individual viewings, one or more of our experienced sales team will be on hand to answer any questions that may arise. We work longer office hours than many other local agents, so viewings after work and over the weekends are not a problem

7. Accompanied viewings

Accompanied viewings

We get better feedback as people are more honest – British people are renowned throughout the word for their politeness. Unfortunately, when you are selling a property this is not always good news. We frequently find that applicants offer positive mutterings, either during or after a viewing to a vendor, so as not to offend. Although this may be preferable to a direct, detailed breakdown of why someone may not buy your home, its sometimes better to understand what may be putting a buyer off, so that we can relay this – and you can do something about it! Over a period of time we will have developed a good, working relationship with the applicant and so they are far more likely to be open and honest with us when we’re both at your property. We will also – obviously – try to overcome these objections on your behalf to see if they are a real reason for someone not buying your home.

It’s our job to show buyers round property – so we’re good at it – As an estate agent we are trained to pick up on features and benefits of a client’s home that a potential buyer, or seller, hadn’t even considered. We also know what the buyer wants, or needs and so can tune our presentation towards these features. As sellers typically live in the property they are selling they will become overly familiar with the environment and so can stop noticing things that may be of interest to buyers. In addition sometimes the property is occupied by a tenant, or someone who isn’t motivated to sell it, so by us accompanying the viewing we remove the element of uncertainty to how much effort is being employed . As we are incentivised to introduce a buyer and have a fresh pair of eyes we will be very enthusiastic about your property and so highlight its features to potential buyers.

Time is at a premium for all of us – Apart from anything else, we know you’re busy and depending on the size of the property and whether the buyer arrives on time or not each viewing can take up to an hour. We cannot govern when someone wants to view your property and with more people having flexible working patterns the majority no longer take place in evenings or weekends. This means that if we are not your key holder you may lose out on potential viewings if you cannot accommodate buyers to visit during the day. Our office is open 7 days a week, so we can pick the best time to show buyers your home, that might avoid rush hours, or school dropping of time too.

We’ll make sure the property looks at its best – whenever we conduct a viewing we aim to arrive at least 15 minutes early, so that we can switch on all the lights, adjust the temperature and make any other minor alterations that we feel may be beneficial (or deal with any surprises from your pets!). These finishing touches can make all the difference in creating a winning first impression with your buyers.

Accompanied viewings

We’re sales people – Our team are trained to be highly effective at selling properties and part of this process is to understand the best way to show buyers around your property. We will either already have a good rapport with the potential buyers, or quickly establish one and identify what they are looking for in a property, then promote how your property matches these requirements. We understand when to talk and when to be quiet and are then on-site to recognise or hopefully overcome any objections they may raise. Our research has shown that when a viewing is accompanied by a member of the Brock Taylor team the percentage of applicants that offer is 22%. However, when an owner undertakes the viewing this figure drops to 9%, so we know that it works. If you’re already on the market and haven't sold, or your agent is not keen to do an accompanied viewings then this may be because they don’t have enough staff to spend the time outside of the office of undertake this important role.

8. Receiving offers

Often, a prospective buyer will contact us immediately if they wish to put in an offer, but on the occasions when this doesn’t happen we will always follow up with them to see what their opinion was or if there are any concerns we can help to overcome that might be holding them back. You will be notified of all offers both verbally and in writing. We also "financially qualify" all our offers which means that our associated financial advisor will contact them to confirm their financial position. If they are cash buyers we check bank statements to ensure they have the money too!

Accepting an Offer

9. Accepting an offer

We research any potential buyers on your behalf so that you are fully aware of whether they are in a position to buy your property in the time-frame you would like. Should you accept an offer, we will prepare all the necessary documentation and will confirm the sale price in writing to both the buyer and the seller. At this stage, you will need to confirm your solicitors details, who we will negotiate with on your behalf to carry out any relevant checks and arrange dates for exchanging contracts.

10. Exchanging contracts

Until a contract has been signed, there is no legal obligation to follow through with the sale of your property, even if you have accepted an offer. Your contract will include information concerning local searches, fixtures and fittings to be included in the sale, the buyer’s mortgage offer and evidence of a good title. When both the buyer and seller have signed the contract, the buyer’s deposit will be transferred by their solicitor to the seller’s solicitor.


11. Completion!

It’s the day that everyone is looking forward to! The date for completing the sale of a property is set by mutual agreement between the buyer and the seller. On the date agreed, the balance due will be transferred by the buyer’s solicitor to the seller’s solicitor. Once these funds have cleared into the seller’s bank account, we will release the keys to the buyer’s new property and they will be able to move in.